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LearnToWork App

This App is intended for those who are aim to become a care worker at a care taker's training institute, students who are engaged in care taking or nursing require a specific skill visa or other related visa, etc. This app is highly recommended for the National Examination for Care Workers.The questions are explained in "Easy Japanese" and are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. Foreigners studying Japanese can also study for the National Examination.

Employment Service
for Foreigners

This website helps to search foreigners who want to work for a Japanese company and companies that are recruiting.
English, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. are also supported.

Student Enrollment
Management System

This system allows school operators to manage student enrollment, tuition fees, deposits, attendance, grades, etc.
In addition to printing various student documents, you can also manage the student payment status collectively by using school payment management.

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It's an app that leads to successful employment in Japan by making it easy for foreigners to learn Japanese & business manners. Japanese N5-N1: Experienced instructors with 10-20 years of experience carefully select the problems that can be used in everyday life. Life & Business in Japan: Support from Basic Information on Japanese Life to Business Manners & Employment Placement Specializing for Foreigners.